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About the NanoMag project

The objectives of the EU financed NanoMag project are to standardize, improve and redefine analyzing methods of magnetic nanoparticles. Using improved manufacturing technologies, synthesized magnetic nanoparticles with specific properties will be analyzed with a multitude of characterization techniques (focusing on both structural as well as magnetic properties). Bringing the results together will give a self-consistent picture which describes how structural and magnetic properties are interrelated.

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Continuation of the NanoMag project


This is not the end! Parts of the NanoMag consortium will continue working together within the Euramet EMPIR project MagNaStand.

More information on this project may be find here.

Final M48 project meeting and Final Dissemination conference


The Final M48 project meeting was held in Gothenburg, Sweden on the 25th of September.

This meeting was followed by the Final Dissemination conference on the 25th-26th of September, hosted by RISE Acreo. During this conference NanoMag partners actively participated as well as representatives from the NanoMag stakeholder committee and extrnal invited participants, resulting in a total of 52 attendees.

During the meeting the NanoMag project as a whole was presented during three sessions; Synthesis, Characterization and Applications. All NanoMag partners were presenting, focusing on main results, lessons learned and benefits from the project, having standardization as the red thread. For each session, one stakeholder was invited to present their work in relation to the NanoMag project and standardization. Furthermore, scientific posters were showcased during coffeebreaks.

Thanks to all participants for a nice conference and a very nice end to the project!

NanoMag M42 Project Meeting


The NanoMag M42 Project Meeting was held in Lübeck, Germany on the 4-5th of May hosted by UZL. All NanoMag partners was well represented with a total of 32 attendees. Thanks to all participants and to the organizers for a nice meeting!

Project Partners

Project partners


This project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 604448